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CHI Consulting Engineers (CHI) is an engineering firm that provides bridge design and consulting services.


At CHI, we have a vision of improving the safety and performance of design and construction, and extending the service life of bridges and structures.

Since its formation in 2016, CHI has successfully completed many large-scale and complex projects for a vast array of clients, which include bridge owners, contractors, and engineering firms. CHI’s scope of work includes bridge design, peer review, independent checking, construction engineering, BIM modeling, and the design of suspension, concrete arch, concrete box, and steel truss bridges.

In 2018, the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) enlisted CHI as one of the General Engineering Consultants (GEC).


CHI is a certificated MBE, DBE, and SBE firm in the following states:

  • MBE – New York, New Jersey, New York City

  • DBE – New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas


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