Port Authority New Bus Terminal-- Ramps

The existing Port Authority Bus Terminal was scheduled to be replaced by a new terminal using the top-down construction method. As a result, new ramps will need to be constructed on top of existing ramps, and progress downwards as the existing ramps be demolished in many stages.

CHI created detailed 3D Revit Models for both new and existing ramps, including piles and spread footings, and as many as 7 levels of new ramps. Clash detection between existing and new elements were checked for over twenty construction stages. The locations of new columns and foundations, new floor-beams and girders were adjusted as necessary to be free of clashes.

In addition, CHI created detailed 3D finite element models for the new ramps using Midas Civil program, and performed static and dynamic analysis for dead, live, and seismic loads. Changes of structural systems, such as adding of expansion joints and providing flexible bearings between girders and columns, were made in order to eliminate over-stressing issues.

pic 3.png