Beikou Suspension Bridge Peer Review

A unique 3-tower, 4-span suspension bridge is under construction in China.
The spans are 755 feet x 2,625 feet x 2,625 feet x 1,175 feet, and the towers are 477 feet tall.
The superstructure is made of steel trusses, which are continuous for 6,906 feet, and the superstructure carries two level of traffic - six lanes each. The bridge configuration is a result of a
height restriction imposed by a nearby airport and the need of two wide navigation channels. An "A" shaped concrete tower was selected for the center tower to provide adequate rigidity. The design service life is 100 years.

CHI performed a peer review of the design of the steel superstructure. A very detailed 3D model of the superstructure was first created in AutoCAD, and it included all steel elements and perforations. Then, the 3D model was transferred to a finite element program for fatigue and strength analysis. Areas with high local stresses were reported, and design modifications were developed, analyzed and proposed.