Bridge Design

CHI’s bridge design expertise spans conventional highway bridges, long and complex bridges, and one-of-a-kind signature bridges.


Independent Checking / Peer Review

A fresh set of eyes from experienced and qualified engineers can discover possible hidden design issues and greatly reduce the risks of projects.


Construction Engineering

CHI has great expertise and extensive experience in Construction Engineering (CE) and has developed innovative and cost-effective designs for many projects.


Forensic Engineering / Investigation

With our extensive engineering experience and advanced analysis capabilities, we have investigated root causes for many cases.


Advanced Engineering Analysis

CHI’s analysis team employs advanced finite element modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and in-house programs to study structural behaviors and develop design solutions.


Structural Health Monitoring

Our SHM platform integrates state-of-the-art sensors, and proprietary data acquisition and management system, allowing long-term, continuous, and high-precision monitoring.