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Commodore Barry Bridge Thru Truss Spans 
– Analysis and Evaluation

The Commodore Barry Bridge (CBB) was first open to traffic in 1974. It features a 1,664'-long main span and two 822' anchor spans. The main span consists of two 411' cantilever trusses and one 822' suspended truss span in the middle. DRPA has retained CHI to perform several Task Orders on CBB.


Review of Analysis for Phase 3 Painting

Under this Task Order, CHI reviewed the analysis and strengthening of the CBB thru truss spans with tarpaulins performed by another consultant for the Phase 3 painting project. Independent calculations were performed for selected members and loads, especially wind loads. CHI also performed computation-fluid dynamic analysis to estimate the vortex-induced vibration of the main truss span with tarpaulin. In addition, CHI reviewed the wind link evaluation conducted by others. A summary report of review findings was prepared and submitted to DRPA.


Truss Stress Analysis

Under this task, CHI has performed analysis and evaluation of thru truss members on this project. Detailed dead load calculations have been carried out for the main truss spans. In addition, the sectional properties and allowable stresses of the truss members have been calculated based on the as built or shop drawings. A 3D finite element global bridge model was created in SAP2000 for dead, live, wind and thermal analysis. The results of this Task Order will be used for prioritizing truss member for nondestructive tests based on the criticality of their stress levels.  


Bridgeport, NJ


Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA)


Photo by Scott Troyan / CC BY

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