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Robert F. Kennedy Bridge Suspended Spans
– Peer Reviews

The Robert Kennedy (RFK) Bridge was opened to traffic in 1936 and is a major link between Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. The RFK Bridge complex consists of three main spans: the suspended spans connecting Ward’s Island and Queens, the Harlem River Lift span connecting Manhattan and Randall’s Island, and the Bronx Truss span connecting the Bronx to the north end of Randall’s Island. A network of elevated viaducts and ramps connect the three main spans and tie the bridge complex together.


Since early 2018, CHI has been providing peer review services for TBTA on various projects, including the following:

  • RK-19, which includes retrofit of the steel orthotropic decks and roadway stringers in the suspended spans; design for H25 trucks; new pedestrian sidewalks

  • RK-04, which includes health monitoring and rehabilitation of both anchorages, including eyebars and cable bents

  • RK-20, which includes the main cable inspection and strength evaluation

  • RK-70, which include various steel rehabilitation of the suspended spans


New York, NY


Tri-borough Bridge & Tunnel Authority (TBTA)

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