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Computer Vision Based Displacement and Vibration Monitoring of Bridges and Structures

The Computer Vision Based Method not only stands out for its low cost and versatility but also for its wide range of applications in various fields. It is particularly useful for Cable and Suspender Force Measurements, where precision and safety are paramount. Additionally, it plays a significant role in Structure Vibration and Modal Analysis, providing essential data for the maintenance and health monitoring of buildings and bridges. For Structure Displacement Monitoring, this method offers a non-intrusive way to observe and record changes over time, an important aspect of ensuring structural integrity. By enabling accurate measurements without the need for expensive or complicated equipment, the Computer Vision Based Method is an innovative approach that offers practical solutions across these specialized applications, ensuring its relevance and utility in professional settings.

CHI has developed in-house software for accurately and efficiently applying the CV method on bridges and structures. If you need to measure cable/suspender tensions or structural vibration, please reach out to us at



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