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Vibration Monitoring by Computer Vision and Motion Magnification

CHI Consulting Engineers harnesses the power of advanced non-contact Computer Vision-based vibration measurement methods to precisely track the movements of objects from a distance. This state-of-the-art technique offers a stark contrast to traditional contact-based methods (e.g. accelerometers and LVDT) with its unparalleled convenience particularly due to the minimal effort required for installation. This method is especially invaluable in situations where direct access to the targeted object is challenging or impractical. Moreover, the use of motion magnification technology enhances our ability to detect and visualize subtle vibrations in objects, vibrations that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, allowing for an effortless capture of the object's modal characteristics. The accompanying video demonstrates our application of this sophisticated technique in analyzing the vibrations, frequencies, and tensions in the suspenders of a suspension bridge in the United States, showcasing our expertise and the effectiveness of these advanced methods in real-world scenarios.



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